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          "I enjoy all styles of tattooing. Tattooing for me is a passion, an outlet for my inner visions. I've always been drawn to art in many forms, excelling in art class probably better than any other class. Nowadays, I certainly find myself appreciating other artist's skills & abilities as well. As any type of artist, you should never stop the yearn to continue learning, & there's much we can all learn from each other. Other artist's work should uplift you to keep developing your own skills, & inspire you to keep an open mind to different techniques & styles. Learning & honing your abilities in what you do should be a lifelong process, never closing your mind & deciding what is art; there is always something new & mindblowing to find & appreciate. With that being said, at Ink Impression Tattoo you will never be made to feel uncomfortable about yourself or your choice of tattoo, 

because everyone has a different idea as to what is beautiful or meaningful to them.We strive to make your experience the best it can be."   


               "I have been tattooing since 2005, & couldn't imagine doing anything else. I'm constantly working towards improvement of my craft. I have been an artist all of my life. My mother would take me to the library and I'd come back with a stack of "How to Draw: This & That.." books, & it never stopped. I took every art class available to me throughout school. It is an honor to be able to apply my love of art into creating a sentiment for someone to wear on their body. There is no bolder form of self expression. Tattooing can be a healing experience that you might not find in any other form. It can bring honor, closure, happiness; the list is quite endless as each client is individual. It can also be just plain fun."

​                                                          Bean                                                               
            "Since I was old enough to remember, it seems I have been drawing things almost every day of my life. Through elementary school, I turned in homework covered in dinosaurs and deep sea creatures. By the time I was a teenager, I was enrolled in art school studying the human form and still life through traditional oil paint, while practicing my own sense of psychedelia and the macabre through pencil and ink pen in my spare time. I consider my style a marriage of those two extremes: traditional depth and realism with a garish, cartoon-like quality.

            In 2005, I moved from Tempe AZ to the beautiful Verde Valley to meet and study tattooing. I have fallen in love with tattooing, as it allows not only the wearer but the artist to prominently display their sense of self and individuality through the body, as sensual and striking a canvas as any."

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